1. The Governing Council of the college is the supreme administrative body.
  2. It is constituted as per the norms fixed by NCTE / TNTEU.
  3. The Governing Council approves the mission and strategic vision of the institution, long term plans and annual budgets in accordance to meeting the interests of the stakeholders.
  4. The council ensures the establishment and monitoring systems of control and accountability including financial & operational controls, risk assessments and internal grievances.
  5. Governing Council monitors the institutions performance as per the approved plans.
  6. The Governing Council ensures the achievement of the mission and vision of the organization; Promotion of future academic plans and research activities by providing direction for implementation and overall monitoring of the activities.
  7. Governing Council must approve the budgetary allocation towards infrastructure, staffing and R & D.
  8. The Chairperson is responsible for leading the governing council & its effectiveness and should ensure that the institution is well connected with the stakeholders.
  9. The Chairperson supports the head of the institution in execution of the programmes.
  10. The Governing Council Meeting was conducted once a year.

Composition of College Governing Council

S.NO Name of the members Designation Category
1 Er. S. Diviya Correspondent, Senthil Educational Institutions Management Representative
2 Er. V. Prathib Secretary, Senthil Educational Institutions Management Representative
3 Mrs. R. Kavitha Coordinator, Senthil Educational Institutions Management Representative
4 Mr. D. Thangaraju Honorary Trustee, Senthil Educational Institutions Management Representative
5 Dr.M.Panneerselvam Principal, Senthil College of Education Chairperson
6 Dr.M.Govindan Former Professor & Head, TNTEU Advisor
7 Mrs.R.Thangathamarai Assistant Professor, Senthil College of Education Member