Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Intellectual Property Protection is critical to fostering innovation. Without protection of ideas, researchers do not reap the full benefits of their inventions and this acts as an incentive to enhance research & development. If there is any possibility that a copyright or patent application might arise from the research conducted in the college, the researcher should seek permission from the institution for further action.

  1. In case of provisional patent application, the initial processing fees of Rs. 25000/- or actual, whichever is less will be paid by SCOE.
  2. Also in the case when patent is commercialized, its patent shall be shared among the inventors and SCOE in the ratio 80:20.
  3. The inventors among themselves shall decide the share among the inventors.
  4. Incentive claim under Research Incentive Schemes (RIS) of SCOE must be made within a month of filing with the patent in the prescribed form.


S. No Name Designation Category
1. Dr.M.Panneerselvam Principal, Convenor
2. Dr. V.Karthikarani Associate Professor Member
3. S.Ravichandiran Assistant Professor Member

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S. No. Name of the Book Name of the Author Year
1. Pedagogy of Biological Science -1 Dr.M.Panneerselvam 2021
2. Pedagogy of Biological Science -II Dr.M.Panneerselvam 2022
3. Gender School and Society Dr.M.Panneerselvam 2022
4. Gender School and Society – Tamil Medium Dr.M.Panneerselvam 2022
5. Philosophers in Education Dr.M.Panneerselvam 2014