OUR Achievements

  1. Our college achieved NAAC- “B” Grade
  2. Our College achieved 125 webinars due to pandemic situation of COVID-19
  3. Achieved the world Assisted record
  4. Secured the Best and Good teacher Award of our College Principal & Staff
  5. Achieved Continuously three years sports and cultural award foe zonal and district level
  6. Achieved four awards at district level flag day contribution
  7. Achieved the switch bharat award continuously two years at district level
  8. Achieved blood donors award of our college participated all the students
  9. Achieved and identified our students skills and ability through TV Programmes
  10. Achieved our students placed state, central government jobs, for various department.
  11. Our students went to Foreign countries for business , working in Microfinance officers working as LIC , working as Principals and Assistant Professors for various educational Institutions.
  12. Our students working as a scientists Media, for various department
  13. Every year our college conducted pupil development programme, orientation programme and faculty development programmes and so on.
  14. Achieved our students many of them belongs to the social activities, plantation Ralley about COVID -19 protection.